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Ramona takes on 20 new students in Oxford

We’re delighted to announce that our singing teacher Ramona has taken on 20 new students at Wolvercote Primary School in Oxford.

Would you like to hear more about the options for 1 on 1 music lessons in your school?

  1. 1 on 1 instrumental lessons
  2. Half termly payments in advance
  3. Free no obligation trial for each child
  4. 30 mins @ £20 (approx) inclusive of books/materials
  5. Fully qualified and vetted teachers

Contact us via the website, or email Susanna (head of school) directly at

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Autumn Term

A slightly belated welcome to the new autumn term! We hope you all had a lovely summer. There is lots going on between now and Christmas so we’ll be in touch again soon with more details. In the meantime, here are some quick reminders and dates for your diaries.


ABRSM, Trinity and RSL exams are open for entry (sessions running in Nov and Dec). Most of our students still choose to sit their exams face to face, but all boards now offer online alternatives.

Our tutors are fully up to date with regards to dates, venues, preparation and syllabuses, but if you’d like some more detailed information or reassurances, please get in touch with Susanna directly.

Good luck to all those hoping to pass an exam before Christmas!


Next week we’ll be sending out full details regarding the Christmas 2023 concerts, so that you all have lots of time to prepare. We know so many of you love the atmosphere, applause, achievement… and of course the incentive it provides to improve and learn music that means the most to you. The concerts in Brighton are a little earlier this year and we’re hoping that’ll mean most people can come along. Brighton – Sunday 26th Nov. Oxford – Saturday 2nd Dec. See you there!


Please get in touch to let us know how things are going with your lessons. We rely on you to tell us what you love and the things that need improving; be it with your teacher or the SCMT support and services. You can do this by emailing us directly, writing a testimonial for the website, writing a google review or calling 01444 214934.

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Exams are in full swing and continuing into July. Good luck everyone!

Don’t forget to check these links before the big day if you’re with ABRSM:

We also have lots of certificates that have arrived and are waiting to be displayed in your homes… so please get in touch if you have one missing (we’ve emailed separately regarding names/grades etc).

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This month is SCMT’s 20th Birthday! 20 years of musical joy and inspiration.

20 years of young musicians learning, thriving and playing their music for us. It feels rather ridiculous to think I was 26 when all this started. So much has happened with SCMT and for me personally too. Time has flown so fast. Our whole team is feeling so grateful for the opportunities, support and friendships that are bound up in our SCMT journey.

Man playing a violin
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SCMT is running ABRSM music theory bootcamps over the summer holidays. These are especially beneficial to those looking to achieve grade 5 theory in order to progress to grade 6/7/8 on their instrument. Although our tutors cover theory in the lessons, once the standard of play reaches intermediate level most require extra help.

These sessions are structured to maximise knowledge of the ABRSM exam syllabus and test papers, rather than a broader approach that applies to lessons generally.

Please get in touch if you are interested! We have availability for groups and 1 on 1 sessions.

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New testimonial

‘An incredible year and a half with Ehsan who has been teaching our son (9) Piano. He is incredibly patient and has been able to continuously keep him engaged – quite a challenge for a kid with ADHD and Dyslexia. He has covered many genres of music, as well as sight reading and composition. He always looks forward to his lessons.’


The 5 star review above was left on Google for Ehsan (piano teacher in Brighton), but there are various ways you can help us understand how we are getting things right and how we can make things better:

Review us on Google:
Brighton: Here
Oxford: Here

Follow us on Instagram (SCMT.Music.Tuition)

Write a testimonial for the website (send directly to [email protected]),
OR… Send specific feedback (see below, that can be dealt with in confidence if you’d prefer).

How well does your tutor demonstrate the following:

  • Dedication to a pupil’s progress on their instrument
  • Inspired and engaging teaching methods
  • Good time keeping
  • Good rapport with pupils
  • Ongoing regularity of lessons
  • Friendly, polite, professional attitude

These options all lead to increased motivation and positive change amongst our tutors and
mentors, so please be sure to keep us posted.

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New tutors

We’ve had more tutors than ever join us since January this year, which has been an amazing feeling since the quiet times of COVID.

So many talented and inspired people are springing up locally in Brighton and Oxford (pictured, new recruits May 2023; Roan, Holly, Alex and Asha)

Don’t forget to let your friends and family know that we have new tutors with new spaces.
We absolutely love it when you recommend us. It’s how we gain almost all of our new students nowadays…

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Summer Concerts


The concerts in May were as lovely as ever. So much variety and some incredibly brave first-timers. We struggled with dates this time and the only options clashed for many. We’re so sorry for that. Thankfully we managed to accommodate some smaller recitals to make up for it. There are more concerts at Christmas and for next year the venues are already booked for March and June. More smaller opportunities to perform are upcoming too.

Pictured: Benjy, Sam, Albie and Florrie all played piano in the May concerts in Brighton

Man playing a violin
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SCMT is recruiting

Looking to become a teacher with us?  Do you have grade 8 on your instrument and a music degree, either completed on in progress?  We have local families waiting for you!

SCMT is recruiting teachers in Oxford and Brighton for Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec ’23 and Jan ’24.

Required in Brighton:  Piano, singing, violin, clarinet, trumpet, cello teachers.

Required in Oxford:  Violin piano, singing, saxophone teachers.


SCMT has been recruiting the best music teachers in the South for more than 20 years and we’re always looking for new, inspired, committed talent.  

*  Our rates of pay are VERY competitive, flexible and reflect your true worth.  You set your own fees with our approval, based on your experience, qualifications and skills (and in line with guidelines from ISM and the Musicians Union).  Coming on board is free.  A percentage from the client is allocated to SCMT for our services, so we make sure that is considered when ensuring you achieve the maximum per hour from your teaching.

*  All teaching is 1 on 1 and tailored to suit you… and you can take on as little or as much as you like! 

*  All teachers are personally supported by our local community team.  

*  Every new recruit is interviewed by Susanna in person.

*  SCMT provides a fully enhanced DBS should you not have one already on the update service.

*  We mentor where required.  

* Once officially approved, you simply send us your vetting items (see bottom) items and you’ll immediately be welcomed onto the team and issued with a ‘first referral’ (a student picked by yourself and ourselves that will enable you to experience the process that will apply to ALL of your new students as the time passes).  

*  Our client care and processes are very straightforward and streamlined.

*  Your availability is entirely your choice, alongside the grades, styles, ages and ability levels you would like to teach.   

*  Some of our tutors are new to teaching and are gradually introduced to students. Others have up to 30 years of experience and are filling small gaps in their finely-tuned schedules. There is room for everyone…

*  SCMT has a comprehensive care package for all of our students and teachers.  This means that whenever there is an issue (a late payment, a misunderstanding, confusion, disappointment, or overwhelm) we can directly step in to take over or guide you through, either to fully resolve things or mediate. It’s a huge reassurance for most in an industry that has become very detached and remote.

*  We provide free mock exams and also professional accompanists for your students undertaking ABRSM, trinity exams, auditions and other important performances.

*  You will have full, free, unlimited access for ALL of your students (SCMT and otherwise) to perform in our incredible concerts that take place centrally in June and December (main/large-scale)… and Feb/March/May/Oct (smaller and more be-spoke opportunities to perform). Here are listed some of the incentives for you and your students to get involved:

  • Perform for the first time in a very relaxed environment
  • Run through an exam
  • Build confidence generally (brilliant for adults too!)
  • Steinway grand piano for the pianists
  • Amazing acoustics
  • Equipment (mics/amps etc) provided
  • Duets/ensembles with tutor/family/other musicians
  • Meet other musicians yourself
  • Film your performances


There is nothing quite like a local community of musicians.  We meet in person regularly, to socialise but also to help each other through and offer advice when teaching is challenging.  

‘Connection and support through music and conversation is so important to us at SCMT.  It’s why we are still here after 20 years… and why we continue to proudly stand apart from numerous generic online teaching agencies’.   Susanna

Here are some comments from some of our long-standing SCMT tutors…

Andrea. Piano and violin teacher…

I have been teaching for SCMT for over 12 years and it has always been extremely professional, supportive and friendly. SCMT is very committed to providing good quality music education and ensuring that tutors, parents and pupils are all happy with how lessons are progressing. The summer and Christmas concerts are always a great success and my pupils have really enjoyed taking part. Parents have mentioned to me that they really appreciate their children having this opportunity to perform in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere outside of a school setting. I would not hesitate at all to recommend SCMT to anyone who is looking for a music tutor.

Laura. Piano teacher…

I have been teaching for Susanna for over 5 years now and SCMT has continued to be supportive and informative, and more importantly very friendly and down to earth. SCMT has found me lovely clients to teach for, who I have built up a very good relationship with over time. Susanna works very hard in organising and hosting concerts for all pupils to showcase their hard work, which also provides us valuable opportunities to meet other tutors and chat about our experiences, and generally get to know everyone at SCMT better. I’m sure I will stay with SCMT for a long time to come, being a self employed piano teacher it is nice to feel part of a big network of tutors.

Phil. Piano teacher…

Susanna is extremely organised, super friendly and very knowledgeable about teaching music and all it entails. She’s super easy to work for and is highly committed to Music education.
She has a huge range of teachers and ensures students progress and keeps good relationships with parents and teachers. She also puts on great concerts which is an important part of music training.

Please enquire through the Contact Us page or email Susanna directly and we’ll send you more info.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


Vetting and ID requirements:

  •  Passport photo page or other photo ID (i.e. driving licence).
  • Two references.
  • CV
  • Proof of address (ie, a utility bill or bank statement)
  • Signed contract (freelance and flexible to suit!)
  • Your current enhanced DBS.  If you do not have one that was issued within the last 2 years, we will apply fresh on your behalf (you must have a NI number).
  • A jpeg photo of yourself for the website.
  • A short, personal bio to accompany your picture (see ‘music teachers’ page on our website for examples). This doesn’t have to be perfect as we edit and extend them before uploading.
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‘Music is a performance and it needs an audience…’. Michael Tippett

I think the most important element of ‘performance art’ sometimes gets lost in the learning process. Our musical journey can become a private one, rarely witnessed. We seek out other people’s performances, but shy away from gifting our own achievements to others. Yet you cannot underestimate the power of having a regular incentive to improve that goes beyond impressing your teacher or taking a music exam… Susanna Cassam, head of school 🎓

Our concerts are now monthly and informal, meaning you can use the allocated time and space to play your music to others in away that suits you best. Join us! 🤩

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Another amazing weekend of concerts in Brighton…  as ever bringing so much joy!

It’s heart-warming to see everyone performing their music for friends and family.  Concerts provide an incentive to improve skills, build confidence and ultimately ensure music-making is fun and engaging.  Musicians are constantly inspired by watching other performers too.

From January 2023 we will be offering all SCMT musicians monthly opportunities to perform their music at the Brighton Unitarian Church (City Centre).   At the beginning of each month we’ll send a prompt regarding the date and time, and either yourself or your tutor can put your name down to play.  Free of charge, free choice, flexible timings.  We will continue to offer our bigger, more formally arranged Summer and Christmas Concerts which also cater for all ages and abilities but with a much larger audience.

Just look at some of the opportunities these smaller monthly concerts will bring:

Building confidence

Trying out ensembles

Practising for an exam

Steinway piano experience

Filming your performance

Surprising a loved one

Meeting other musical families

Hearing your tutor play

Duets with other learners

Rehearsing for auditions

Photo:  Brighton siblings Florrie, Albie, Sam and Benjy all performed on Sunday in Concert 2.  Left to right:  Albie and Sam have their ABRSM grade 1 exam next week!  Benjy is preparing for ABRSM grade 4.  Florrie played Jingle Bells and this was her first ever performance.

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What an incredible two weekends of charity concerts!  We’re so proud of everyone that performed in Oxford and Brighton.  From very young beginners to advanced teens, the joy and inspiration was sheer magic…

Performing music for others is so important.  It gives young musicians focus, an incentive to improve and a strong purpose to their learning which stays with them forever.  As for those that witness it (family and friends in this instance), the smiles and applause say it all. 

Thank you to all of the performers, the tutors that prepared them so well, the audiences for their support on the day, our sponsors at Ackerman Music and the venues (BUC in Brighton and Wesley Memorial in Oxford) for looking after us throughout.

We raised over £500 for Wishing Well Music for Health, supporting their team in providing live music experiences within Children’s Hospital ICU departments (specifically the Royal Alex in Brighton, close to our hearts). <3 (Heart Icon if possible).

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SCMT teaching opportunities

“We’ve recently been specifically inundated with enquires for 1 on 1 piano and singing lessons and although actively recruiting, are struggling to keep up with the flow in Oxford and Brighton!

Although many pro musicians and students are away for the summer, most of these families are requesting weekly lessons after school or at the weekend from September… and pupils can be provisionally referred even if a new tutor cannot firm up the arrangement straight away (delayed start etc). In addition, September is our busiest month so there will be numerous more opportunities up-coming… for both daytimes and after school. There is no minimum allocation of pupils and of course excellent rates of pay.

Are you interested in coming on board with SCMT?! Contact us at [email protected].

Piano Teacher
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We’re Recruiting New Music Teachers

SCMT is the largest and most highly SCMT is the largest and most highly recommended private instrumental teaching service for children and adults in Oxford and Brighton. Join us!

  • Music teachers required for local 1 on 1 tuition
  • In universities, schools, local studios, at home
  • From 2 – 30 hours a week available. You decide!
  • Brilliant rates of pay
  • Undergraduates welcome – mentoring provided
  • Enquire now for Sept/Oct start
  • [email protected]

Instruments & Skills


Music Theory
GCSE Music
A Level Music
Audition Prep
ABRSM Exam Prep 01273 831554

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The Brighton and Oxford Concerts are coming!

Please see the below info and make sure you pencil the relevant date into your diary.  We know you get very busy in the run-up to the Summer holidays!  We’re very excited and will keep you updated with our plans as the weeks pass.  Speak to your tutor as soon as possible about what you/your child might like to perform – they can also advise regarding the exact details we need by the entry deadline.  The concerts may be more spread out this year, so please ensure you mention with your entry whether there are certain times of day that you are unavailable.

The Concerts are so much fun and offer a great incentive to improve.  They are also a perfect opportunity to play your music for friends and family in a beautiful venue.  Complete beginners are very welcome too.

This year we are sponsored by Ackerman Music and raising money for ‘Wishing Well Music for Health’, specifically in relation to their work at the Royal Alex Hospital in Brighton.  ‘Providing interactive music sessions at bedsides and play areas on high dependency, medical and surgical wards. We use voices, acoustic instruments and music technology and encourage as much participation as possible. Musicians use familiar songs and creative improvisation to help children and young people express themselves.’ 

We can’t wait to see you there!

Oxford summer concert 2022

Wesley Memorial Church – OX1 2DH
Saturday 25th June 2022 – 3 PM

SCMT Concerts are free choice and welcome all ages, abilities, musical styles and instruments. If you are new to us, please be assured that the concerts offer a uniquely relaxed environment and a perfect opportunity to play for friends and family. Complete beginners are very welcome too!

Entry deadline: Friday 3rd June

Please specify if there are certain times of the day that you cannot attend
Maximum of 3 pieces per performer
Total performance time of 3 minutes unless 1 piece exceeds this
Performance lists will be emailed to you once the deadline has passed and performances have been collated
Programmes will be supplied on the door free of charge

Guest entry price: £6 for adults
(Payable on the door, cash only, free to all children and performers)
Either submit your entry to your tutor or to Susanna in person or at [email protected]


Brighton summer concert 2022

Brighton Unitarian Church – BN1 1UF
Saturday 2nd July 2022 – 11 AM – 7 PM

SCMT Concerts are free choice and welcome all ages, abilities, musical styles and instruments. If you are new to us, please be assured that the concerts offer a uniquely relaxed environment and a perfect opportunity to play for friends and family. Complete beginners are very welcome too!

Entry deadline: Friday 10th June
5 concerts of approx. 45 minutes each, all ages and abilities
Please specify if there are certain times of the day that you cannot attend
Maximum of 3 pieces per performer
Total performance time of 3 minutes unless 1 piece exceeds this (5 minutes for the advanced concert)
Performance lists will be emailed to you once the deadline has passed and performances have been collated
Programmes will be supplied on the door free of charge
Drinks and nibbles will be served throughout as usual, also free of charge

Guest entry price: £6 for adults
(Payable on the door, cash only, free to all children and performers)
Either submit your entry to your tutor or to Susanna in person or at [email protected]


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We’re very excited to announce that our Summer 2022 Charity Concerts are BOOKED! Sponsored by Ackerman Music and proudly supporting ‘Wishing Well Music for Health’

BRIGHTON. Saturday 2nd July. 11am – 7pm.  BRIGHTON UNITARIAN CHURCH

OXFORD.  Saturday 25th June. 3 pm onwards.  WESLEY MEMORIAL CHURCH

More info to follow next week – including entry deadlines, venue details, our sponsor and fundraising specifics.

Girl with violin
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Concerts in Brighton and Oxford – December 2021

🎄 Concerts in Brighton and Oxford – December 2021 🎄 

Brighton Unitarian Church, New Road, Brighton, BN1 1UF

Sunday 5th December 2021, 2 pm onwards


Wesley Memorial Church, New Inn Hall Street, Oxford. OX1 2DH

Saturday 4th December, 3 pm onwards

Free choice, all instruments (inc solos, duets, ensembles)… and welcoming all ages and abilities.  Complete beginners are very welcome (in fact, some of our concerts are entirely dedicated to them!)

Offering a uniquely relaxed environment and a great opportunity to play for friends and family in two beautiful venues…

Entry deadline: Friday 12th November

£5 guest entry, free to ALL children and SCMT performers

Programmes are supplied on the door, free of charge.  Drinks and nibbles will be served throughout the day, also free of charge.

COME AND JOIN US.  Music lives to be let out!

Concerts in Brighton and Oxford – December 2021

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New Piano lesson testimonials…

New Piano lesson testimonials!

‘Fantastic tuition and support. Susanna is nothing short of amazing in linking up tutors with students, building a sense of community, keeping everyone up to date with guidance and always encouraging and celebrating the many successes.  Sam, our piano teacher for the last 4 years, has seen my daughter through 5 grades, with accolades. It is absolutely not just about the grades and he has encouraged exploration and enjoyment of different musical styles and genres.  He is extremely accomplished with a disarmingly light touch that belies the rigour and polish he seeks to instil in his students.  Above all, his positivity and enthusiasm as well as flexibility have been so important especially throughout the last 18 months and his online lessons have matched the quality of in-person teaching.’

Angela – parent


Trust is everything so these new piano lesson testimonials really make our day… ❤️


SCMT is a traditional music school of professional tutors, all holding music degrees and actively endorsed by our local centres/music shops… and six University Music Faculties. We’ve been here for 15 years and continually strive to give privately taught music lessons a breath of fresh air.

SCMT aspires to give young musicians choices and offers you engaging, inspirational and dedicated music teachers that all differ significantly in their teaching styles.

There are over 150 piano lesson testimonials on our website and numerous 5 star reviews on google in Brighton and Oxford alone. Come and join us, your children will thank you sooner than you think!