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What an incredible two weekends of charity concerts!  We’re so proud of everyone that performed in Oxford and Brighton.  From very young beginners to advanced teens, the joy and inspiration was sheer magic…

Performing music for others is so important.  It gives young musicians focus, an incentive to improve and a strong purpose to their learning which stays with them forever.  As for those that witness it (family and friends in this instance), the smiles and applause say it all. 

Thank you to all of the performers, the tutors that prepared them so well, the audiences for their support on the day, our sponsors at Ackerman Music and the venues (BUC in Brighton and Wesley Memorial in Oxford) for looking after us throughout.

We raised over £500 for Wishing Well Music for Health, supporting their team in providing live music experiences within Children’s Hospital ICU departments (specifically the Royal Alex in Brighton, close to our hearts). <3 (Heart Icon if possible).