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We’re very excited to announce that our Summer 2022 Charity Concerts are BOOKED! Sponsored by Ackerman Music and proudly supporting ‘Wishing Well Music for Health’

BRIGHTON. Saturday 2nd July. 11am – 7pm.  BRIGHTON UNITARIAN CHURCH

OXFORD.  Saturday 25th June. 3 pm onwards.  WESLEY MEMORIAL CHURCH

More info to follow next week – including entry deadlines, venue details, our sponsor and fundraising specifics.

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Concerts in Brighton and Oxford – December 2021

🎄 Concerts in Brighton and Oxford – December 2021 🎄 

Brighton Unitarian Church, New Road, Brighton, BN1 1UF

Sunday 5th December 2021, 2 pm onwards


Wesley Memorial Church, New Inn Hall Street, Oxford. OX1 2DH

Saturday 4th December, 3 pm onwards

Free choice, all instruments (inc solos, duets, ensembles)… and welcoming all ages and abilities.  Complete beginners are very welcome (in fact, some of our concerts are entirely dedicated to them!)

Offering a uniquely relaxed environment and a great opportunity to play for friends and family in two beautiful venues…

Entry deadline: Friday 12th November

£5 guest entry, free to ALL children and SCMT performers

Programmes are supplied on the door, free of charge.  Drinks and nibbles will be served throughout the day, also free of charge.

COME AND JOIN US.  Music lives to be let out!

Concerts in Brighton and Oxford – December 2021 



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Young musicians… advice for PARENTS

How much should a young musicians be practising on their new instrument?

We asked some of our SCMT tutors for their opinions… and here they are in brief.  Do you agree?

‘Little and often is key and the quicker you implement it, the more they’ll love to play their instrument.  Children will soon get bored if they’re not getting better!  You don’t want to be paying for someone to repeat what they said the week before, right?’  James

‘Based on a child aged 5 – 7 (complete beginner) I would say 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  After a month, make it 6… and increase by a minute each week.  Soon they’ll be practising for 15 mins each day.’  Lucy

‘Just a few minutes aa day at first.  Build it up gradually and they hardly notice.  It’s all about consistency.’  Leo

‘It’s really important that parents sit with young musicians, give them an incentive, praise them afterwards.  They do exactly that with work set from teachers at school… the same applies here.’  Amy

‘If they’re having a bad day, a tired day, a ‘lack of focus’ day… then keep things short, distracting, full of variety.’  Hannah

‘Expecting a child to engage and strive at something brand new without your input isn’t fair.  Ask yourself when you book the lessons, can I commit to their progress too?’  Lily

Visit us on instagram for more advice regarding young musicians on their journeys…




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SCMT Concerts in Brighton and Oxford



SCMT concerts are free choice and welcome all ages and abilities.

If you are new to us, please be assured that the concerts offer a uniquely relaxed environment and a great opportunity to play for friends and family in a beautiful venue.

Complete beginners are very welcome too!

Covid restrictions will have been lifted and the venues have full authority to fill to maximum capacity.

Guest price: £5 for adults (payable on the door, cash only. Free to all children and performers).

Entry deadline: Friday 12th November

Maximum of 3 pieces per performer.

Total performance time of 3 minutes unless 1 piece exceeds this.

Performance lists, inclusive of your particular concert time will be emailed to you once the deadline has passed and performances have been collated.

Programmes will be supplied on the door free or charge.

Drinks and nibbles will be served throughout as usual, also free of charge.

You can either submit your entry to your tutor or to Susanna in person at [email protected]






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Children’s Concerts Brighton

SCMT has unfortunately had to cancel full weekends of Children’s Concerts in Brighton and Oxford during 2020 because of COVID19.

However, we’re now delighted to announce that we’re committing to three weekends of children’s concerts in 2021… during March, June and December.  We’re expecting to raise a huge amount of money for local charities, and have numerous concerts dedicated to beginner students.  We’ll hear a record-breaking number of children performing their music for friends and family.  We’ve had so much lovely feedback from parents in relation to music lessons this year which have carried on regardless of the difficulties, including less opportunities to perform.  From face to face lessons, then online… and back again;  it’s been a journey.

‘The concerts organised every year are always a great success and my pupils have really enjoyed taking part. Parents have mentioned to me that they really appreciate their children having this opportunity to perform in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere outside of a school setting.’ Andrea, SCMT piano teacher

‘Susanna works very hard in organising and hosting two children’s concerts a year for all pupils to showcase their hard work, which also provides us valuable opportunities to meet other tutors and chat about our experiences, and generally get to know everyone at SCMT better.’  Laura, SCMT violin teacher

‘SCMT puts on such great children’s concerts which is a really important part of music training.’  Amanda, parent

Please have a look at our testimonials page at www.cassam.co.uk/testimonials/ where you’ll find numerous parents and tutors commenting on previous children’s concert successes.  Performance is so important to a child’s musical journey; confidence, an incentive to perform and the experience of loud applause from friends and family.  Music lives to be let out! https://www.instagram.com/scmtmusictuition/

Fingers crossed for the rest of 2020… and we’ll see you all soon!