1 on 1 lessons

SCMT music lessons are always tailored with enjoyment in mind.  Our teachers are here to engage and inspire you, maximise your potential, prioritise progression and put you completely at ease.  We are a traditional music school of professional teachers, all holding music degrees and actively endorsed by our local centres/music shops and six University Music Faculties.  SCMT has been here for 18 years… and it shows:

  • Tell us exactly what you are looking for in a music teacher and we’ll match you up with someone straight away.
  • Your first music lesson will be free and without obligation.
  • If you decide to continue, you can pay for lessons one at a time.
  • You can be taught within your own home, on the teacher’s premises (studio or home) or on your local university campus.
  • A Starter Pack containing a hand-picked music book and all relevant materials is provided free of charge.
  • Performance plays a massive part.  Our concerts provide excellent incentives, all year round.

Our teachers will always tailor the music lessons to suit you as an individual, whether you want a new hobby, to pass exams as they come along, or win competition trophies! We have regular concerts that all of our students can play in.  These are massively popular with our young pupils and their proud parents.  We’ve also just launched our Youth Music Competitions (see more on the Concerts and Events page), adding yet another exciting annual event to our music calendar.

Lessons last for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour depending on your age, ability, and the instrument you are learning. Variety is key to enjoyment so music theory, flashcards, scales, duets, music listening, aural skills and composition are incorporated where relevant.  A commitment to maximising your potential alongside engaging teaching methods will result in you (or your child) appreciating, understanding and most of all, enjoying the music they play.

Pupil Services

As soon as you are enjoying music lessons with one of our teachers, you can make full use of the following services…

  • Annual full teacher vetting
  • Free introductory lesson
  • Starter pack
  • Free materials
  • Progress reviews
  • Teacher absence cover
  • Pupil Concerts!
  • Music performance competitions
  • Free downloads of your performances
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Exam entry and training
  • Money back when you recommend us
  • Music book shopping with 15% discount
  • Annual Instrumental Competitions
  • Termly prize draws
  • Books sales (new and 2nd hand)
  • Monthly receipt

Please refer to additional drop-down information specific to children, adults, music exploration and music in schools.


The price of your lesson is bespoke to your requirements.  Variables include your teacher’s qualifications/experience/specialities, the length of the lesson, location, your ability level etc.  You will be given an exact cost as soon as you contact us either by phone, through our contact pages or by emailing Susanna Cassam directly at [email protected].

1 – 1 instrumental lessons

30 minutes @ £22 – 28

45 minutes @ £30 – £40

60 minutes @ £38 – £50

Siblings can share the allocated time, prices may vary. 

Some of our specialist tutors charge outside of these prices, but we would of course always inform you that is the case before putting you directly in touch.