Flute Lessons

The flute is a family of musical instruments in the woodwind group. Unlike woodwind instruments with reeds, a flute produces its sound from the flow of air across an opening. Flute lessons are perfect for a beginner musician and there is so much stunning repertoire too!

All of our teachers are trained in the ABRSM and Trinity syllabus’s, which are very popular with almost all of our woodwind players. We also offer ABRSM Music Medals exams (small group/ensemble assessment).

Flute lessons are taught either 1 on 1 or small group setting, with pupils grouped according to their standard of play rather than their age. We also have numerous contacts locally within orchestras, opening up the social side of learning. Our concerts offer great opportunities for Flautists to perform for friends and family too!

‘Anna started having flute lessons with Kate when she turned seven. We’ve found that with the right guidance and exciting music there has never been a struggle to engage her. She found the breathing fairly easy to master too and loves playing in the school orchestra. We’re hoping for her to take her Grade 2 (ABRSM) in November and feel that her enthusiasm continually grows as the months pass.’ Jenny, parent, Oxford.

‘Izzy felt comfortable and relaxed from the outset with Jenny. Her friendly, encouraging teaching style has seen her often practising the flute without being asked and we’re proud of her achievements so far.  As a result, she is always keen to show her what she has practised between her flute lessons and excited to see what is next to be learned.’ Gabby, parent