Piano Lessons

SCMT Music Tuition specialises in piano lessons and we have more than 60 piano teachers working exclusively for us! It is our most popular instrument by far and we pride ourselves in providing the best piano teachers across the South of England.

Children often start their musical journey on the piano because of the wide range of pieces and styles available, the popularity of the instrument and the fact that it is appropriate from the age of 4 years and up. As time passes there is great opportunity for improvisation and composing on the piano as well as an endless classical repertoire to master. It’s widely acknowledged that piano lessons can enhance skills in mathematics, memory, concentration, resilience and creativity… in addition to being a great asset to formal music education (keyboard skills are studied at KS3 and a necessity at GCSE).

All our piano teachers are very different which means we can hand-pick the person best suited to you. We know that the rapport between a teacher and pupil is key to both kick-starting engagement with the piano and ensuring you never lose your enthusiasm to learn and progress.
Piano lessons can focus on virtually any style or genre depending on your aspirations and ability. In addition, all of our tutors are classically trained which means they have an excellent foundation and skills base to pass on, even if eventually the lessons branch into another genre.

ABRSM, Trinity and Rock School exams are available but not essential to progression. Pupils are encouraged to compose their own music, record performances and play their pieces in our regular concerts (beautiful venues guaranteed!) where we always have a grand piano to make it extra special for both the performer and all the friends and family watching in the audience. On average we accommodate 200 pianists every year at our charity concerts, from the age of 4 (complete beginners) right up to grade 8. More experienced performers are offered their own recitals too, a huge incentive to keep improving!

If you don’t yet have a piano at home to practise on, we can advise regarding some brilliant options. Digital pianos, short/long-term hire, 2nd hand acoustic pianos too. You won’t be left on your own to work out what’s best, as we work in partnership with numerous music shops in every town we work in. From Ackerman Music which has an enormous piano shop catering to all budgets… to ‘The Piano Shop Bath’ which services and repairs instruments as well as building bespoke acoustic pianos for clients looking for something more of an investment.

Piano Lessons last for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour depending on your preferences, age and ability. Variety is key to enjoyment so music theory, flashcards, scales, duets, music listening, aural skills and composition are incorporated where relevant. A commitment to maximising your potential alongside engaging teaching methods will result in you appreciating, understanding and most of all, enjoying the music you play.

SCMT Music tuition is an ever-expanding community of pianists that are learning, teaching and performing together, ensuring that every learner has everything they need to progress and be inspired. Susanna (head of school) is a pianist herself and has 25 years experience of teaching and 18 years managing the careers of professional piano teachers. She also has two young sons aged 7 and 8 who have just started piano lessons! You simply could not be in safer hands…

A list of our current teachers is available on our music teachers page.