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Another amazing weekend of concerts in Brighton…  as ever bringing so much joy!

It’s heart-warming to see everyone performing their music for friends and family.  Concerts provide an incentive to improve skills, build confidence and ultimately ensure music-making is fun and engaging.  Musicians are constantly inspired by watching other performers too.

From January 2023 we will be offering all SCMT musicians monthly opportunities to perform their music at the Brighton Unitarian Church (City Centre).   At the beginning of each month we’ll send a prompt regarding the date and time, and either yourself or your tutor can put your name down to play.  Free of charge, free choice, flexible timings.  We will continue to offer our bigger, more formally arranged Summer and Christmas Concerts which also cater for all ages and abilities but with a much larger audience.

Just look at some of the opportunities these smaller monthly concerts will bring:

Building confidence

Trying out ensembles

Practising for an exam

Steinway piano experience

Filming your performance

Surprising a loved one

Meeting other musical families

Hearing your tutor play

Duets with other learners

Rehearsing for auditions

Photo:  Brighton siblings Florrie, Albie, Sam and Benjy all performed on Sunday in Concert 2.  Left to right:  Albie and Sam have their ABRSM grade 1 exam next week!  Benjy is preparing for ABRSM grade 4.  Florrie played Jingle Bells and this was her first ever performance.