Singing Lessons

SCMT Music Tuition offers singing lessons to those aged 8 and up. Taught exclusively by professional vocalists, these sessions build self-confidence and boost self-esteem alongside vocal training. Everyone’s needs are different and we find that young singers especially are very specific about the type of teacher they require. We’ll always put you in touch over the phone for a chat with the most suitable singing teacher before you book the free lesson. We know that the rapport between a teacher and pupil is key to your enthusiasm and ensuring you never lose the incentive to learn and progress.

It’s very important that you are matched with a teacher that appreciates your aspirations, goals and expectations, so we always encourage you to be very clear with the teacher from the start in relation to the following:

  • Discuss your goals
  • Sing and receive feedback from your singing teacher
  • Get to know your voice with your teacher
  • Build a strong foundation with vocal exercises
  • Correct and develop your vocal technique
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Have fun singing

We have a very diverse group of teachers who specialise in opera, classical, folk, pop, jazz, musical theatre and alternative styles. Mainly focusing on ‘Stage’ performance, pupils are taught the skills essential to an engaging and powerful vocal display.

Our teachers will assess your voice and give you feedback on what they’ve heard. They may describe the voice as, light, heavy, breathy, squeezed, and nasal to name a few. These are common voice types that can be corrected given the appropriate exercises from a professional teacher.

Taking singing lessons with a good singing teacher will enable you to get to know your voice, what works, what doesn’t and why and how to correct it. Once you realise you have control and are in charge of your own voice, your confidence will really soar!

This will build a strong foundation helping the voice to become balanced and stable so when tackling challenging songs it will be far more achievable for you to sing with ease, enabling you to add style and emotion to make it unique to them.

Our teachers can all accompany their pupils on the piano, which is a massive benefit. There is nothing more rewarding than to hear your practise made real. And of course, our regular concerts are ideal for this purpose… amazing acoustics, atmosphere and applause. The solo singers always draw the biggest crowds!

SCMT also works closely with various local choirs and singing groups to ensure there are opportunities to experience the joys of harmony within a vocal performance.

Singing lessons last for 30 mins, 45 mins or 60 mins… depending on your age, ability and what suits you best. In addition, the time can be shared between family members.

Here is a testimonial from a parent, referring to singing lessons provided for her 12 year old daughter in 2019:

‘I honestly hadn’t realised that Amy’s sweet but quiet voice had so much potential. I’d only ever heard her singing when she thought no-one could hear her. Six months into lessons and she is preparing for not only her first classical singing exam but for the summer concert, where she’ll be performing a piece from the ABRSM exam syllabus. The change in her has been astonishing and I truly believe she has talent that was waiting for an opportunity to show itself. Jenny has encouraged her from the start, gently coaxing her voice out of its shell with Amy barely noticing. It’s so exciting to know that she had this gift hidden for so long. We never imagined she’d be able to read music from the score either, but gradually she’s working things out on her own.  Thank you for our singing lessons!’