Trumpet Lessons

SCMT is offering trumpet lessons to pupils aged 8 and up.  The trumpet is a rather loud instrument compared to some of the other woodwind and brass options which means you’re going to stand out! Trumpeters are often the lead players and generally speaking the brass section of any musical group will carry the melody and be on display. When playing in a group such as a jazz band, an ensemble or an orchestra, much of the time the trumpet section will have the melody. This showcases you as a player and helps you to be noticed more. In fact, the trumpet section is often the easiest section to see from the audience as well! See our Concerts and Events here

Trumpets are much cheaper than most other instruments and very light and portable. A very practical choice if you’re in two minds over whether to book some trumpet lessons. We can advise regarding exactly what to buy or hire and our tutors are happy to come along too, to help you decide which instrument to take home. Ackerman Music has some brilliant options for beginners.

Playing the trumpet at a professional level naturally requires a lot of expertise and skill. But for those who are just starting out with trumpet lessons, it is a fairly easy instrument to get the hang of.

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