Looking to become a teacher with us?

Looking to become a teacher with us?  Do you have grade 8 on your instrument and a music degree, either completed on in progress?  We have local families waiting for you!

SCMT is recruiting teachers in Oxford and Brighton for Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec ’23 and Jan ’24.

Required in Brighton:  Piano, singing, violin, clarinet, trumpet, cello teachers.

Required in Oxford:  Violin piano, singing, saxophone teachers.


SCMT has been recruiting the best music teachers in the South for more than 20 years and we’re always looking for new, inspired, committed talent.  

*  Our rates of pay are VERY competitive, flexible and reflect your true worth.  You set your own fees with our approval, based on your experience, qualifications and skills (and in line with guidelines from ISM and the Musicians Union).  Coming on board is free.  A percentage from the client is allocated to SCMT for our services, so we make sure that is considered when ensuring you achieve the maximum per hour from your teaching.

*  All teaching is 1 on 1 and tailored to suit you… and you can take on as little or as much as you like! 

*  All teachers are personally supported by our local community team.  

*  Every new recruit is interviewed by Susanna in person.

*  SCMT provides a fully enhanced DBS should you not have one already on the update service.

*  We mentor where required.  

* Once officially approved, you simply send us your vetting items (see bottom) items and you’ll immediately be welcomed onto the team and issued with a ‘first referral’ (a student picked by yourself and ourselves that will enable you to experience the process that will apply to ALL of your new students as the time passes).  

*  Our client care and processes are very straightforward and streamlined.

*  Your availability is entirely your choice, alongside the grades, styles, ages and ability levels you would like to teach.   

*  Some of our tutors are new to teaching and are gradually introduced to students. Others have up to 30 years of experience and are filling small gaps in their finely-tuned schedules. There is room for everyone…

*  SCMT has a comprehensive care package for all of our students and teachers.  This means that whenever there is an issue (a late payment, a misunderstanding, confusion, disappointment, or overwhelm) we can directly step in to take over or guide you through, either to fully resolve things or mediate. It’s a huge reassurance for most in an industry that has become very detached and remote.

*  We provide free mock exams and also professional accompanists for your students undertaking ABRSM, trinity exams, auditions and other important performances.

*  You will have full, free, unlimited access for ALL of your students (SCMT and otherwise) to perform in our incredible concerts that take place centrally in June and December (main/large-scale)… and Feb/March/May/Oct (smaller and more be-spoke opportunities to perform). Here are listed some of the incentives for you and your students to get involved:

  • Perform for the first time in a very relaxed environment
  • Run through an exam
  • Build confidence generally (brilliant for adults too!)
  • Steinway grand piano for the pianists
  • Amazing acoustics
  • Equipment (mics/amps etc) provided
  • Duets/ensembles with tutor/family/other musicians
  • Meet other musicians yourself
  • Film your performances


There is nothing quite like a local community of musicians.  We meet in person regularly, to socialise but also to help each other through and offer advice when teaching is challenging.  

‘Connection and support through music and conversation is so important to us at SCMT.  It’s why we are still here after 20 years… and why we continue to proudly stand apart from numerous generic online teaching agencies’.   Susanna

Here are some comments from some of our long-standing SCMT tutors…

Andrea. Piano and violin teacher…

I have been teaching for SCMT for over 12 years and it has always been extremely professional, supportive and friendly. SCMT is very committed to providing good quality music education and ensuring that tutors, parents and pupils are all happy with how lessons are progressing. The summer and Christmas concerts are always a great success and my pupils have really enjoyed taking part. Parents have mentioned to me that they really appreciate their children having this opportunity to perform in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere outside of a school setting. I would not hesitate at all to recommend SCMT to anyone who is looking for a music tutor.

Laura. Piano teacher…

I have been teaching for Susanna for over 5 years now and SCMT has continued to be supportive and informative, and more importantly very friendly and down to earth. SCMT has found me lovely clients to teach for, who I have built up a very good relationship with over time. Susanna works very hard in organising and hosting concerts for all pupils to showcase their hard work, which also provides us valuable opportunities to meet other tutors and chat about our experiences, and generally get to know everyone at SCMT better. I’m sure I will stay with SCMT for a long time to come, being a self employed piano teacher it is nice to feel part of a big network of tutors.”

Phil. Piano teacher…

Susanna is extremely organised, super friendly and very knowledgeable about teaching music and all it entails. She’s super easy to work for and is highly committed to Music education.
She has a huge range of teachers and ensures students’ progress and keeps good relationships with parents and teachers. She also puts on great concerts which is an important part of music training.

Please enquire through the Contact Us page or email Susanna directly and we’ll send you more info.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


Vetting and ID requirements:

  • Passport photo page or other photo ID (i.e., driving licence).
  • Two references.
  • CV
  • Proof of address (i.e., a utility bill or bank statement)
  • Signed contract (freelance and flexible to suit!)
  • Your current enhanced DBS.  If you do not have one that was issued within the last 2 years, we will apply fresh on your behalf (you must have a NI number).
  • A jpeg photo of yourself for the website.
  • A short, personal bio to accompany your picture (see ‘music teachers’ page on our website for examples). This doesn’t have to be perfect as we edit and extend them before uploading.