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Music lessons and COVID19. Returning to lessons…

Returning to face to face music lessons after the COVID19 lockdown.  Are you and your children ready, willing and excited?

Having spoken to many parents over the last few days, it’s become clear that children have as many queries and concerns as they do!  Of a different nature though.  As parents, we are generally quite good at collating a list of questions, and in response it doesn’t take SCMT long as an organisation to be very specific regarding what is allowed, possible or encouraged (our next set of guidelines goes out to clients next week and if you’re new to us all of your queries will be answered when you enquire).

Generally speaking, if a child was enjoying their lessons before the virus, whether they continued online or had a long break, they’ll be delighted at things returning to normal.  There are some not so sure, both specifically regarding their music lessons and returning to a ‘social’ life generally.  Parents have voiced the following relating to children restarting lessons (permission granted):


She hasn’t seen Luke for 6 months, so much has happened.  She’s nervous to start again and hasn’t really practised…

Arrange a short phone-call or video-chat between your tutor and your child to chat through what happens next for your Music lessons and COVID19.  Make it light-hearted and straightforward.  Be honest about progress and practise straight away so that expectations don’t add to the stress of the changes.


Ella is worried about September.  She’s actually really enjoyed online lessons, but I think she achieves far more when she sees Laura face to face…

Children almost always achieve more in face to face lessons.  They are constantly engaged, present, and conscious of impressing their teacher.  Suggest a single face to face lesson to see how it goes, and pre-warn the tutor, so that they can ensure the lesson offers all it can in persuading your child that this is a better way.


As a family we’re wondering whether to wait longer… just to see how things pan out.  If we start again then have to stop it’ll add more chaos to her progress.

Every family sees things differently, and concerns like this aren’t rare.  Remember though that if face to face lessons have to stop gain, you can simply swop to online, for a period which would hopefully be much shorter than the six months endured previously.


Can we see how things go, and return to online lessons if Adam prefers it?  He’s nervous about returning to school as well as rules generally when face to face piano lessons start again.

Talk through any routines/rules that apply to COVID before the tutors arrives, so nothing is a surprise and the changes are small and easy to follow.  Remind them that this is a normal, existing arrangement and that they/yourself/the teacher can make decisions as a team on a weekly basis.


SCMT Music Tuition will treat each family with care, assuming all family circumstances unique until the COVID crisis is truly over.  Please get in touch with us anytime to chat things through.  In most instances, you can alternate between online and face to face lessons as you feel appropriate.

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