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Where to get piano lessons…

Where to get piano lessons.  Making the right choice for your child…

There are many considerations to take into account when wondering where to get piano lessons for your child.  Endless options too it would seem.  I personally have two sons aged five and seven and when it comes to reaching out and booking them into the care of a stranger, I feel like my list of queries and concerns is mind-boggling, especially at the moment.  But it needn’t be, you just need to know exactly what to ask.  Here are some pointers for you, I hope they help.  Remember, if you are enquiring directly to an established, experienced music teacher or school, they will know all the answers and re-assure you straight away.  They’ll be confident in their responses and understand your concerns as a parent:


The music teacher/school.  Their basic information and background:

Is there a landline number as well as a mobile?

Is there a local business address?

Is there someone named, that is running the organisation, that you can speak to directly over the phone if needed?

Do they have a long and reassuring history of testimonials online?

Are they highly recommended?

Are their claims backed up… exam passes, number of pupils etc?


Other than your obvious queries (…’do you have someone suitable, locally, with these days free’) ask the following of a school:

How much are the lessons, does it vary between tutors, instruments and areas?

Can I meet the tutor in person for a free trial before committing to anything?

Do your tutors have a music degree?

Are they ALL have grade 8 on their instruments?

Are they mentored in exam preparation for ABRSM and Trinity exam boards?

Do they offer additional services (concerts, written reports etc)?

Are your tutors’ lessons and teaching styles overseen and monitored?

Do you thoroughly vet the tutors and gain references?


And for individuals you come across:

How much are the lessons?

Can I meet you in person before committing?

Do you have a music degree?

Are you grade 8 on your instrument?

Do you have music theory qualifications?

How long have you been teaching for?

What is your experience of teaching children?

Are you trained in exam preparation for ABRSM and Trinity syllabuses?

Do you offer additional services (concerts, written reports etc)?

Do you have an enhanced, child workforce DBS and public liability insurance?


So, where to get piano lessons!  You may only have concerns regarding some of the above, but rest assured, any experienced, genuine teacher will be not only used to it, but flattered that you’ve asked, that you’re not a time-waster… and they’ll be eager to answer your questions in full.  You could call us to test us out!