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What happened at last week’s SCMT Youth Music Festival events….

securedownloadLast week saw a whole host of SCMT Youth Music Festival events. We had 1 on 1 sight reading and aural sessions, theory bootcamp, mock exams, filmed performances and competitions, all of which were a resounding success.

Our students taking part in the sight reading, aural and theory classes all went away with lots of new skills to put into practice and a shiny SCMT certificate. Those sitting a mock exam now know exactly what they need to work on for their upcoming exam and also have a shiny SCMT certificate. Then we saw some brilliant performances in the competiton…. and of course they all went away with a shiny SCMT certificate!

Thanks to all those who came and took part in last week’s events and don’t forgot the SCMT Youth Music Festival is not over yet…. we still have Sunday’s Adults and Advances Students Concert…. hope to see many of you there!