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Some thoughts from Susanna this June…

As you know, every month at here SCMT we pick a ‘Composer/Musician of the Month’. Well this month we thought we would do something a little different! To celebrate our brilliant SCMT Youth Music Festival, the coming of summer and the live music scene this country produces we thought we would feature the Glastonbury Festival. Glastonbury takes place over the last weekend of June so throughout the month we will be featuring some of the epic performances, long history and all round summer merriment this festival has to offer.

Whenever I think of Glastonbury I am amazed at it’s size, last year over 100,000 people attended with over 2000 bands playing on over 50 stages. What’s more it plays host to comedy, art, literature, dance and more. This led me to thinking about how lucky we are to live in a country where performing arts are so popular and we can go and find live music etc so easily.

Going to watch live music, whether it be classical, pop, rock or anything in between is so important to the musical journey of any instrumental student. It inspires and motivates our young pupils especially. Let’s make June the month we buy tickets to the opera or a festival…. or even just pop down to your local church and see what’s going on there, anywhere you can find live music, take the opportunity to sit and listen.