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Young musicians… advice for PARENTS

How much should a young musicians be practising on their new instrument?

We asked some of our SCMT tutors for their opinions… and here they are in brief.  Do you agree?

‘Little and often is key and the quicker you implement it, the more they’ll love to play their instrument.  Children will soon get bored if they’re not getting better!  You don’t want to be paying for someone to repeat what they said the week before, right?’  James

‘Based on a child aged 5 – 7 (complete beginner) I would say 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  After a month, make it 6… and increase by a minute each week.  Soon they’ll be practising for 15 mins each day.’  Lucy

‘Just a few minutes aa day at first.  Build it up gradually and they hardly notice.  It’s all about consistency.’  Leo

‘It’s really important that parents sit with young musicians, give them an incentive, praise them afterwards.  They do exactly that with work set from teachers at school… the same applies here.’  Amy

‘If they’re having a bad day, a tired day, a ‘lack of focus’ day… then keep things short, distracting, full of variety.’  Hannah

‘Expecting a child to engage and strive at something brand new without your input isn’t fair.  Ask yourself when you book the lessons, can I commit to their progress too?’  Lily

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