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Some thoughts from Susanna this November….

Did you know that the 6th November saw the birthdays of two very influential figures in the musical instrument world? Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone and John Philip Sousa, inventor of the sousaphone were both born on this day. Musical instruments have evolved over hundreds of years and we are now at a stage where we have so many to choose from. But how do we know which instrument is the right one for us, or our child?

Many of our potential pupils already know which instrument they would like to start when first calling us, as they have seen them played before or heard them on the radio or recordings… or it may be a family tradition. Whatever the instrument, we can help put them in contact with a suitable tutor straight away. There is a possibility that they may find they don’t get on with their chosen instrument, in which case we can discuss other options and help them come to a decision.

Others love music but simply have no idea where to start. Fear not, this is where we can also help. We can chat through all the instrument and tutor options over the phone or send out some detailed information by email to be mulled over.

Why don’t we make November the month to explore the different musical instruments out there… we certainly will be here at SCMT.  Keep an eye on our blogs and social media site  (you can keep up to date on all SCMT news here: for information about all of the musical instruments, you never know, you might find just the one for you.