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News – new testimonials…

Have you seen our News – new testimonials for January 2018?!

We thought we’d take a moment to consider the joy, comfort, inspiration and enrichment music brings to the lives of EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING on the planet (including all of our young musicians of course).  We’re in a passionate mood this month, determined to spread the good news that learning a musical instrument will catapult you head-first into a new world of creativity and adventure.  There simply isn’t a downside, you just need a great teacher to guide you.

Take that vital step on behalf of your children and contact us today to arrange some music lessons.



Tom has been teaching Max (aged 8) piano for about three months and it’s going really well. Tom has found the perfect balance for Max – they cover an impressive amount of ground, but have a lot of fun at the same time. Tom is a great communicator – always positive and encouraging – and structures the sessions clearly which helps Max feel confident. He also gives clear instructions for practice, which really helps us to keep things going in between sessions. Our priority was for learning an instrument to be fun and not a chore, and Tom has definitely achieved that. Max is practising without complaint and loves to play us what he is learning, so I feel he is developing a strong foundation that he can build on as he grows older. Thank you Tom!’  From mum, Elly.


‘Over the years Richard has been hugely dedicated to helping Jude progress on the piano. He is currently at grade 6.  Richard is also always happy to accompany Jude on Violin for his grade exams which gives Jude greater confidence.  He recently achieved a distinction (140) in Grade 7 violin and I’m sure that was massively helped by Richard’s great piano playing and guidance during practice. 

He is always a patient, kind and inspiring teacher who delivers criticism very constructively. He is meticulous in how he teaches, ensuring Jude doesn’t run before he can walk or pick up bad habits.  He is usually always on time and often generously stays beyond his allotted 45 mins if needed.

The rapport between Richard and Jude  is great. I often hear them laughing, rapping and exchanging ideas and musical references.  Lessons have been going every week during term time for many years now so it’s been really consistent.  Richard is really friendly, personable and always polite. Moreover, he is a talented and intelligent musician.

We have loved having him as Jude’s piano teacher and consider him a friend (Richard has joined us for concerts or dinner from time to time). He also composes which Jude’s father does for a living so this ties in with a broader interest Jude and Richard share. 

Richard is a big part of Jude’s success so far as musician so we’d like to thank him for all his help over the years.’  From mum, Lou S.