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To buy or to hire a musical instrument?

To buy or to hire a musical instrument… that is the question 🤔

Frequently parents tell us that they would rather not invest in an instrument for their child before knowing if they’ll commit to their music lessons 👦❤️🎻

Will they enjoy it? Are they too young? How do you know you’re making the right decision at the right time?!


GOOD NEWS! Nowadays you can hire a beginner’s instrument in the short-term with an option to purchase afterwards (minus the money you’ve invested in rental). No pressure, no mammoth spend, no big decisions too early on 🙌

Our friends at Ackerman Music on Queens Road, Brighton and Portland Road, Hove are experts with all things hire/purchase. They have a huge range of instruments to fit all ages, sizes, budgets, timescales etc. If you visit them in-store they’ll help you choose and can also advise regarding cleaning, storing, insurance, makes & models (and noise reduction if that’s a concern 😂🥁🎺🎶)

To buy or to hire a musical instrument…