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Parents of young musicians (advice blog!)

We’re been spending some time thinking about how we can help you directly with championing your child as they learn and love their music.  We’ll be sharing our thoughts in a new blog offering advice to parents of young musicians …

Children are so, so different.  I didn’t realise quite how different until I had my own.  These differences affect the ways they learn best in every aspect of their lives, so helping them along the way as a parent is a challenge individual to you!  However, when it come to learning a musical instrument, there are many things you can do to ensure that they get the best out of their lessons, progress fast, want to practise at home, don’t lose interest… and enjoy themselves regardless of their strengths and challenges.  Music has an enormously positive impact on EVERY child and we can’t wait to help you access their enthusiasm when the tutor has left the room.  We’ll be looking at:

How much practise for my child, and when

How can I help to make practise fun?!

Encouraging a child to perform for others

The importance of listening to music at home

Music groups and orchestras for young children

Targeted help for children struggling

Music lessons for children with additional educational needs

Music exams… or not?  And if not, providing other incentives

Choosing exactly the right teacher for your child


We’ll be posting weekly, firstly focusing on The Importance of listening to music at home.

Please do keep checking in to read the latest from our new blog offering advice to parents of young musicians.

Susanna, head of school