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Testimonial milestone… Christmas 2017

We have recently asked parents whether they’d like to write their tutor a testimonial for the website… and we now have more than 100 for you to read!  Here are some that arrived yesterday in the SCMT Christmas mailbox…

‘Tom has been teaching Max (aged 8) piano for about three months and it’s going really well. Tom has found the perfect balance for Max – they cover an impressive amount of ground, but have a lot of fun at the same time. Tom is a great communicator – always positive and encouraging – and structures the sessions clearly which helps Max feel confident. He also gives clear instructions for practice, which really helps us to keep things going in between sessions. Our priority was for learning an instrument to be fun and not a chore, and Tom has definitely achieved that. Max is practising without complaint and loves to play us what he is learning, so I feel he is developing a strong foundation that he can build on as he grows older. Thank you Tom!’  From mum, Elly.

‘Our daughter Lara has been having beginner’s piano lessons for a few weeks now. Laura, her teacher is so lovely, patient and encouraging. Together they breeze through the book. Lara loves playing and doesn’t need encouragement to practice.’  From mum, Katerina.

“Charlie has been a really excellent piano teacher. In the 2 months or so that he has been teaching Stephane, I have seen him make a lot of progress and really enjoy the sessions. Charlie’s enthusiasm for teaching children is very apparent, and his positive approach has really helped create a good relationship with Stephane.”  From dad, Fabrice.