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Why is it so important to play music to your children at home?

It’s obvious really.  But sometimes we need reminding HOW important because in all the chaos of family life, we simply forget to press play… or at least forget to really appreciate the music.

These are the most important and benefits that should leave you running for a playlist:

CONNECTION – music at home envelopes you and you children in a bubble of joy

QUIETENING OF THE MIND – it stills them, and feeds their ability to be calm

DISTRACTION FROM STRUGGLES – an immediate solution, so add it to your parenting tools!

A CHANGE OF FOCUS – similar to the above, but great when they are holding on to a negative vibe at home

CREATING GOOD HABITS – they will carry it with them… ‘I remember we always had music on in the kitchen’ is a common one

FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION – it can give children permission to unleash their true feelings, to be uplifted, or relax; to be their true selves

EDUCATION – listening to music ignites ALL AREAS of a child’s development (we’ll be looking at this more in the next post, but how amazing is that!)


‘Listening to music helps children UNDERSTAND music, gain opinions about music, crave more and more music!  They’ll discover what they love, what makes their heart sing, what keeps them calm, what inspires them, what intrigues them… and what they aspire to!  If children listen to enough different types of music on a regular basis, they will choose to learn an instrument and be motivated to constantly improve.  They will work hard to imitate those musicians they admire and they’ll also love the connection it brings to everyone at home.  Music brings a family together and wraps you all up in its comfort and energy.’

Susanna Cassam – from Susanna Cassam blog (NEW POST)