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Why is SCMT so highly recommended?! Susanna says…

SCMT music lessons are always tailored with enjoyment in mind.  Our teachers are here to engage and inspire your children, maximise their potential, prioritise progression and put them completely at ease…

Our tutors will always tailor the music lessons to suit your child, whether you want them to have a laid back hobby, pass exams as they come along… or win competition trophies! We have regular concerts that all children can play in.  These are massively popular with our young pupils and their proud parents.  We’ve also just launched our Youth Music Competitions (see more on the Concerts and Events page), adding yet another exciting annual event to our pupil’s music calendar.

Lessons last for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour depending on your child’s age, ability and the instrument they are learning. Variety is key to enjoyment so music theory, flash cards, scales, duets, music listening, aural skills and composition are incorporated where relevant.  A commitment to maximising your child’s potential alongside engaging teaching methods will result in your child appreciating, understanding and most of all, enjoying the music they play.  Come and join us!

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