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Only 1 week till the entry deadline for the SCMT Youth Competitons and SCMT’s Summer Concert…

IMG_2537The entry deadline for both the SCMT Youth Music Competition and SCMT’s Summer Concert is now only a week away. Don’t forget all entries must be submitted by Friday 10th May. The Youth music Competitions are open to anyone 18 years old and under, however, the Summer Concert is only open to SCMT students.

If you or your child would like to enter the SCMT Youth Music Competition, please contact Susanna Cassam direct on 07720 771053 or email us at  [email protected]. Following this you will be sent an information pack containing an entry form which must be completed and sent to us no later than the 10th May.

If you are a SCMT student and would like to play in our Summer Concert you can let either your tutor know or Susanna herself using the details above.

June is going to be such an exciting month for SCMT and we really hope you can join us!