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Music lesson testimonials…

We have been going through our music lesson testimonials today and picking our favourites.  Here are two of them.  It sums up so many things about a good music teacher.  Their attitude, talent, dedication and ability to engage their pupils at every step.  We have over 100 testimonials on the website, direct from parents and their inspired children.  Come and have a read!

For Anthony (pictured), one of our busiest and most popular piano teachers in Hove…

“Anthony has boundless enthusiasm for music and for exciting his students on their musical journey. Martha adores him and looks forward to her lessons because she knows they will be fun, her progress will be praised and she will be given things to work on before the next week. Now Martha is a very busy 8 year old and doesn’t always practise as much as she should but she never wants to disappoint Anthony. He has a lovely rapport with Martha. They laugh a lot – something that is crucial when you’re having a go at something you find quite tricky. She likes the way he will be inventive and accompanies her playing with a funky flair – bringing the music alive and making the likes of ‘Horsey Horsey’ cool and grown up. The lessons are always weekly and Anthony does this best to reschedule any missed ones. Friendly, polite and professional?! In bucket loads!”

Susanna is extremely organised, super friendly and very knowledgeable about teaching music and all it entails. She’s super easy to work for and is highly committed to Music education. She has a big range of teachers and ensures students progress and keeps good relationships with parents and teachers. She also puts on great concerts which is an important part of music training.”  Phil, piano teacher

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