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Glastonbury in the 00s…

dsc01387This years Glastonbury Festival is well underway, fingers crossed it doesn’t rain too much! So how about some more history… we’ve now made it to 1999 so what happened in the 00s….

From 2000 – 2009 the attendance went up from 100,000 to 135,000 and the ticket price went from £87 to £175.

Throughout the 00s the festival raised £1000s for Greenpeace, Oxfam, Water Aid and many more local charities.

More and more stages and fields were added, including the Dance Village and The John Peel Stage.

The festival was becoming incredibly popular, in some years the tickets sold out within 24 hours!

Once again there were a fair share of muddy festivals… particularly 2005 where 2 months of rainfall fell in only a couple of hours, flooding many areas of the festival!

Acts included: Basement Jaxx, Coldplay, Brian Wilson, Lilly Allen, Blur, Jay Z, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Muse, Oasis, Stereophonics, and 100s more!