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When we’re tested… 📝

It starts when we’re so little; and it doesn’t stop. Our patience, our nerve, our determination, our kindness, our beliefs, our motivation, our ability to just let things be. Tested, tested, tested 😬

The lessons we learn as we go through life can help us rationalise and calm our nerves, and we can teach these lessons to our children, adapting them to the different challenges they might face👌

The pointers below are great for assisting in overcoming a child’s nerves before taking a music exam, but they also apply to any sort of performance! Any day where you’re asked to prepare yourself and be brave in front of others 👊🏼


Focus on the outcome ➡️. What can you do straight afterwards. An icecream? A movie?

Remember it will be over quickly ➡️. Most music performance exams are less that 20 mins!

Put it in perspective ➡️. It really is a tiny part of the day.

Practise just beforehand ➡️. Literally JUST before, so that they’re merely repeating the performance in front of examiner, fully warmed up.

Look after your body ➡️. Eat. Drink lots of water. Flex your fingers.

Sit still and quiet for a while ➡️. Lots of deep breaths can help. Empty your mind of the worry for a few minutes if you can. It doesn’t matter if you can’t keep it up for long 🙂

Be very organised ➡️. This can really help! Small surprises and changes can kick-start the nerves, especially for first-time performers.

Work as a team ➡️. Be there for them. Show solid support. Make your child feel safe and supported, in control of what happens from the moment they arrive at the exam venue.

Face to face music exams are back on!🎉❤️🎶