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COVID music lessons

SCMT is COVID regulations compliant.  Please contact us for more details.  Lessons will be gradually returning to your homes and tutor premises once restrictions ease and we’re so pleased that things are looking more positive in that regard.  Lessons online are of course still available and we’re ready and waiting for your call if you’re looking to start.  You can even alternate between the two.  We have numerous tutors keen to fill up their timetables (COVID music lessons compliant


This testimonial really warmed us up today… for Anthony, an SCMT piano teacher.

 Anthony has boundless enthusiasm for music and for exciting his students on their musical journey. Martha adores him and looks forward to her lessons because she knows they will be fun, her progress will be praised and she will be given things to work on before the next week. Now Martha is a very busy 8 year old and doesn’t always practise as much as she should but she never wants to disappoint Anthony. He has a lovely rapport with Martha. They laugh a lot – something that is crucial when you’re having a go at something you find quite tricky. She likes the way he will be inventive and accompanies her playing with a funky flair – bringing the music alive and making the likes of ‘Horsey Horsey’ cool and grown up. The lessons are always weekly and Anthony does this best to reschedule any missed ones. Friendly, polite and professional?! In bucket loads!”

  • First music lesson free, without obligation
  • Pay as you go (if you’d prefer)
  • Music lessons at home, your local university, schools, private studios and online
  • Piano, singing, violin, cello, guitar, brass
  • Music teachers trained to degree level, grade 8 standard, fully vetted
  • Concerts and performance opportunities provided all year round
  • Scholarship study and referencing
  • Free materials to get you started
  • Over 100 ABRSM music exam passes in 2019

COVID music lessons

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