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Music teaching jobs in Brighton

Music teaching jobs in Brighton

Exciting times for SCMT in Brighton! We are looking for fresh, inspiring, dedicated music teachers to cater for children of all ages and abilities in Brighton and Hove. Opportunities after Easter, in June, even September. Enquiries to [email protected] or call 01273 831555.  You’ll love working for us!


Susanna is extremely organised, super friendly and very knowledgeable about teaching music and all it entails. She’s super easy to work for and is highly committed to Music education. She has a big range of teachers and ensures students progress and keeps good relationships with parents and teachers. She also puts on great concerts which is an important part of music training.”  Phil, piano teacher, Brighton

I have been teaching for Susanna for over 3 years now and she has continued to be supportive and informative, and more importantly very friendly and down to earth. She has found me lovely clients to teach for, who I have built up a very good relationship with over time. Susanna works very hard in organising and hosting two concerts a year for all pupils to showcase their hard work, which also provides us valuable opportunities to meet other tutors and chat about our experiences, and generally get to know everyone at SCMT better. I’m sure I will stay with Susanna for a long time to come, being a self employed piano teacher it is nice to feel part of a big network of tutors, and even more so now that SCMT is expanding to other cities.”  Laura, piano teacher, Brighton

I have been teaching for SCMT for over 10 years and Susanna has always been extremely professional, supportive and friendly. She is very committed to providing good quality music education and ensuring that tutors, parents and pupils are all happy with how lessons are progressing The summer and Christmas concerts she organises every year are always a great success and my pupils have really enjoyed taking part. Parents have mentioned to me that they really appreciate their children having this opportunity to perform in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere outside of a school setting. I would not hesitate at all to recommend SCMT to anyone who is looking for a music tutor.”  Andrea, piano teacher, Brighton

Music teaching jobs in Brighton.  Enquiries to [email protected] or call 01273 831555.