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Alexander Technique with Adrian…

Our longstanding voice coach is now also offering Alexander Technique!


Adrian is a fully qualified Alexander Technique Teacher and runs a private practice in Hove giving individual private lessons. He trained at the Brighton Alexander Technique College, undergoing a 3 year full time STAT accredited course.  The Alexander technique can help you with:

Playing a musical instrument or singing

Enhancing performance in any activity

Managing stress and anxiety in performance

Voice or breathing problems

Improving your posture


Adrian helps his clients use their bodies better by improving overall co-ordination and balance to reduce excess muscle tension and promote freedom of movement.  He works with musicians and singers to improve their posture, co-ordination and breath efficiency so that they can perform with less tension and more freedom .

Sessions last 40 minutes.  Please call or email us for prices.  Discounts are available if you book a course of lessons.