For Laura M. This parent says…

Our little Pia aged 9 has been matched very well with lovely Laura.

Although Pia has not chosen to take part in any concerts so far she progressed amazingly over level 1 piano onto the second one.

Laura’s teaching is inspiring and Pia feels she is given choices within the workbooks.

Occasional they play or sing together and most importantly have a laugh. I am impressed that she ensures that reading notes/keys and symbols ( ha here I am

Acknowledging my own lack musical vocabulary) is worked on as well as playing by ear, which gives a holistic way of getting to hear, feel and play the instrument.

She is punctual where public transport does not let her down and flexible in letting us change day of practise. We find her professional, passionate in her teaching and a superb role model for our daughter.

She must be inspiring otherwise Pia would not like to practise daily.Or maybe she never had a sticker to treat special effort so she really wants to do well every lesson to earn one. Laura engages Pia in discussions and gives both plenty of praise which boots our daughters self esteem as well as feedback. I am confident that when the time is right she will encourage Pia more to find ways to write own music down. I can hear her practise and make up tunes ever so often, which however are quickly forgotten.

Pia is keen to play Harry Potter theme tune etc. Maybe one suggestion would be that Laura ever so often takes a side step from the book and prepares notes for the « most wanted » tune. But I of course don’t understand the complexity of this vs the students level.

You’ve got a gem of a tutor on the team- nothing but praise from us – excellent!