For Pilar. This parent says…

Some feedback on Pilar’s piano tuition for my daughter Margo…

Dedication to a pupil’s progress on their instrument:  I’m amazed by Margo’s progress in a very short time. Pilar has spent time understanding Margo’s interests, which has helped her to make great progress and be enthusiastic about learning.  

Inspired and engaging teaching methods: Pilar discussed with us the different options for books on which to base Margo’s piano and singing tuition. The focus so far has been on piano and i’m really pleased with Pilar’s recommendation as the book has lots of tunes which Margo recognises and this has helped to motivate her. 

Good time keeping: excellent.

Good rapport with pupils: excellent. Pilar has shown great interest and enthusiasm for my daughter’s interests.

Ongoing regularity of lessons: weekly and offered through school holidays.

Friendly, polite, professional attitude: absolutely

All in all it has been a really positive start.