For Athina. This parent says…

I am very impressed with Athina because she is such a positive, engaging teacher. Salma has been thrilled with the lessons and has achieved quite a lot in only a few weeks of lessons. After the taster session, Salma requested to have a 45 minute lesson because she really loved it and wanted more time. Another thing I’ve noticed, is that Salma practices on her own at home so much more now since taking lessons with Athina. And she talks about her lessons with others, particularly how fascinated she was with ‘how’ the piano works (Athina opened up the piano to show how the strings work). I would highly recommend Athina as an exemplary teacher who appears to thoroughly enjoy both music and teaching.

On a practical note, it is also very useful that Athina has a separate room in her place where I can wait with my son which means we aren’t disturbing the lesson while attending the lesson at her home venue.