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Some thoughts from Susanna this week….‘Without music life would be a mistake.’ ~ Nietzsche.

Hands up if you agree!  Assuming a full show of hands, I have a few thoughts of my own.  Music, in all its glorious diversity, enhances our lives, helps us express ourselves and opens our minds to numerous dreams and possibilities.  No-one should be without it…  and the lucky ones get to create and perform it themselves.

Everyone has music inside them, alongside the desire to listen and be inspired.  If you ‘discover’ music when you are very young, you’ll learn faster.  You’ll certainly grow up to be more creative… and it’s very likely you’ll follow a musical path through your youth and beyond.  I was brought up in a very musical environment, and was frequently surprised at school by how much I naturally understood about music without ever actually being told.  So listening to music is important, now how about playing the music yourself!

The instrument you choose to play as a young beginner is crucial to enjoyment and being a Pianist myself I am arguably biased, but I’ve seen the piano being used as a platform for all kinds of musical adventures, in private and public environments alike.

With a combination of fun lessons, a talented and inspiring tutor, plenty of variety and some practise on the side, a child can learn to play the piano from as young as 4 years old and progress effectively.  There are numerous benefits:  You can play straight away, you can learn virtually any style or genre, you need no accompaniment and yet at the same time the instrument is big enough for a parent or teacher to play alongside.  Additionally, many children begin music lessons at the piano and then add other instruments to their skills base, having gained a thorough understanding of different musical styles, how music works… and how to make the most of it.  Add to that a boosted self esteem, new-found confidence and ‘musician status’ in the playground!

Why not find out for yourself if it’s true.  Unleash that musician waiting to jump out of your child, and see how quickly they progress.  In fact, pull up a chair, join in, and see how addictive it can be.  You might even find you want lessons yourself!