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The Brighton and Oxford Concerts are coming!

This year we are sponsored by Ackerman Music and raising money for ‘Wishing Well Music for Health’, specifically in relation to their work at the Royal Alex Hospital in Brighton.

OXFORD summer concert 2022 – Wesley Memorial Church – OX1 2DH – Saturday 25th June 2022 – 3 PM
Guest entry price: £6 for adults

BRIGHTON summer concert 2022 – Brighton Unitarian Church – BN1 – Saturday 2nd July 2022 – 11 AM-7 PM
Guest entry price: £6 for adults




We’re very excited to announce that our Summer 2022 Charity Concerts are BOOKED!

Sponsored by Ackerman Music and proudly supporting ‘Wishing Well Music for Health’

BRIGHTON. Saturday 2nd July. 11am – 7pm.  BRIGHTON UNITARIAN CHURCH

OXFORD.  Saturday 25th June. 3 pm onwards.  WESLEY MEMORIAL CHURCH

More info to follow next week – including entry deadlines, venue details, our sponsor and fundraising specifics.

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Young musicians… advice for PARENTS

How much should a young musicians be practising on their new instrument?

We asked some of our SCMT tutors for their opinions… and here they are in brief.  Do you agree?

‘Little and often is key and the quicker you implement it, the more they’ll love to play their instrument.  Children will soon get bored if they’re not getting better!  You don’t want to be paying for someone to repeat what they said the week before, right?’  James

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New Piano lesson testimonials…

New Piano lesson testimonials!

‘Fantastic tuition and support. Susanna is nothing short of amazing in linking up tutors with students, building a sense of community, keeping everyone up to date with guidance and always encouraging and celebrating the many successes.  Sam, our piano teacher for the last 4 years, has seen my daughter through 5 grades, with accolades. It is absolutely not just about the grades and he has encouraged exploration and enjoyment of different musical styles and genres.  He is extremely accomplished with a disarmingly light touch that belies the rigour and polish he seeks to instil in his students……..

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Susanna's blog

Susanna Cassam blog – listening to music at home. NEW…

Listening to music helps children UNDERSTAND music, gain opinions about music, crave more and more music!  They’ll discover what they love, what makes their heart sing, what keeps them calm, what inspires them, what intrigues them… and what they aspire to!  If children listen to enough different types of music on a regular basis, they will choose to learn an instrument and be motivated to constantly improve.  They will work hard to imitate those musicians they admire and they’ll also love the connection it brings to everyone at home.  Music brings a family together and wraps you all up in its comfort and energy…

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Face to face Music lessons

SCMT is fully back to face-to-face music lessons from May 2021.

We’re delighted that all SCMT tutors have returned to face-to-face lessons! All are fully COVID19 compliant, vetted, DBS checked and have risk assessments in place. We’re also freshly recruiting which means lots of tutors with space for new music pupils. You can start straight away, from mid-June… or from September!

We are ready and waiting for your call or email, excited to chat through the options available; lessons at home, University campuses, tutor premises… on a wide range of instruments. Flexible arrangements are also possible as we move gradually away from lessons online…


SCMT Concerts in Brighton and Oxford

SUNDAY 27th JUNE, 2 – 6PM.

Brighton Unitarian Church, New Road, Brighton, BN1 1UF.

SCMT concerts are free choice and welcome all ages and abilities.

If you are new to us, please be assured that the concerts offer a uniquely relaxed environment and a great opportunity to play for friends and family in a beautiful venue.

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It starts when we’re so little; and it doesn’t stop. Our patience, our nerve, our determination, our kindness, our beliefs, our motivation, our ability to just let things be. Tested, tested, tested 😬

The lessons we learn as we go through life can help us rationalise and calm our nerves, and we can teach these lessons to our children, adapting them to the different challenges they might face👌…

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Face to face music lessons from 8th March

Face to face music lessons from 8th March…

We’re delighted that from Monday 8th March our tutors are back to face to face lessons, fully COVID19 compliant and with risk assessments in place.  We’re also freshly recruiting which means lots of tutors with space for new music pupils.

Susanna and the team are ready and waiting for your call or email, excited to chat through the options available;  lessons at home, tutor premises, a wide range of instruments, flexible timings as we move gradually away from lessons online.

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COVID music lessons

SCMT is COVID regulation compliant.  Please contact us for more details.  Lessons are gradually returning to your homes and tutor premises and we’re so pleased that things are looking more positive in that regard.  Lessons online are of course still available and we’re ready and waiting for your call if you’re looking to start in January.  Because of everything that has happened this year, we have numerous tutors keen to fill up their timetables (COVID music lessons compliant


Children’s Concerts Brighton

Children’s Concerts Brighton
Good news! We’re delighted to announce that we’re committing to three weekends of concerts in 2021… during March, June and December. We’re expecting to raise a huge amount of money for local charities and will have numerous concerts dedicated to beginner students.  Imagine, a record-breaking number of children performing their music for friends and family. . Music lives to be let out!

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Music lessons and COVID19. Returning to lessons…

Returning to face to face music lessons after the COVID19 lockdown.  Are you and your children ready, willing and excited?

Having spoken to many parents over the last few days, it’s become clear that children have as many queries and concerns as they do!  Of a different nature though.  As parents, we are generally quite good at collating a list of questions, and in response it doesn’t take SCMT long as an organisation to be very specific regarding what is allowed, possible or encouraged…