Simon – guitar teacher

‘I picked up a guitar for the first time at the age of 8, and I haven’t left it since! I’ve always found that music is able to express what often can’t be told in words, therefore my passion for teaching comes in being able to provide the tools for one other’s self-expression.

I’m an experienced musician with roughly 3 years of private teaching experience. I’ve taught at any level, from total beginner to music university exam preparation, always achieving great results and happiness from the student side. Lessons are tailored to the students’ needs and musical tastes, creating a positive environment and enhancing the learning process.

On top of teaching, I’m an active musician in the Brighton area. With over a hundred performances in originals and function bands, I’ve also worked as a session musician. Currently, I’m active in the bands Demure and Aren Drift, also covering the role of artist director, producer and main songwriter of the starting one.’  Simon… more to follow