Massimo – piano teacher

Music has been a constant source of joy and fulfilment throughout Massimo’s life.  He has played the piano from an early age and completed his studies in Italy.  In England, he has focused on the study of historical keyboard instruments (harpsichord, clavichord and fortepiano) as well as on matters of performance practice at postgraduate level.

Massimo regards music as one of the highest expressions of humanity for its ability to delight, nourish and move both the performer and the listener.

‘I love making music, whether as a soloist, as an accompanist, in a chamber music setting or as an orchestral player, but I also cherish the challenge to transmit my passion for it to students of all abilities and to aid them to discover the great wealth of repertoire that the piano has to offer. It always strikes me how musicians have a profound understanding of their own and others’ human nature, which is refined through practice, understanding and shared playing experience. I simply could not imagine living in a world without music.’