Portrait picture of a woman - Antonia

Antonia – piano teacher

Antonia, born in Athens, Greece, started taking piano lessons at the age of 8. Soon after, she began taking theory of music lessons receiving her Music Harmony Diploma (1994) and Counterpoint Diploma (1996). In 1997 she received her Piano Teacher Degree and two years later Piano Soloist Degree (1999). In the same year she was accepted at the class of Mr. Ringeissen of the Salzburg International Music Academy for one-to-one sessions. She has worked with several Greek musicians accompanying saxophone, oboe, cello, violin, flute and voice at the conservatories “Music Study” and “Athenaeum” in Athens. She has been teaching piano and theory of music at all levels in Athens since 1995 and in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from 2008 until 2018 (British International school). In 1995 she became a registered pianist of London’s Royal Academy of Dance accompanying ballet classes, examinations and seminars around Greece. Antonia has been playing different kind of music in concerts all around Greece, in Germany, Russia and in Saudi Arabia. She has been volunteering as a pianist for children’s school performances at the British International school of Riyadh, the Dragon school, Summer Fields school Oxford and the Greek school of Oxford. In 2022 she obtained her Master in Music (historical Musicology) from Oxford Brookes University.