For Tom. George (parent) says…

Tom is a kind and dedicated piano teacher, who is keen to please and determined to do a good job.  

After a shaky start with my ‘shy with strangers’ daughter, she and Tom are now getting on like a house on fire. 

As his experience grows, he is learning how to tease the most out of her and when to mix it up a bit to keep her interest.  He has shown resourcefulness, determination and patience with her, as at times, it hasn’t been easy.

His time keeping and communication is good, he is friendly and we like him.

We are planning to keep up her lessons through the summer, as she does seem to enjoy it.

A progress review would be useful, although she is working towards her grade 1 and we can see her progress fairly clearly.

She finds change and new people extremely difficult to cope with and therefore, Tom is now not allowed to leave or change jobs! 😉