For Priya. This parent says…

This is Ariana in late November, in the practice rooms of ‘Under the Arches’ just before her grade 2 piano exam, assessed by award-winning examiner/composer Mr Assersohn. No pressure then!

Naturally, our lovely piano teacher, Priya Vithani, with charm, encouragement, humour, very fine quality teaching and total dedication, has helped Ariana to believe in herself, given her the motivation to prepare, to aim high and to take pride in her successes.

This would not have been possible without the professional and highly personalised services of Susanna Cassam at SCMT.

In the relatively short time – just over 2 years – since Ariana started learning piano, she has sailed through the Prep Test, Grade 1 and Grade 2 and is eager to accomplish more.  She has acquired musical skills and knowledge certainly… and so very much more.

Knowing we have the support and back up of Susanna is paramount. The regularly arranged children’s concerts are a great arena for budding musicians to showcase their achievements and to appreciate those of their peers… and in such lovely settings.

We cannot thank Priya, Susanna and the team enough and recommend them highly.  Oh, and Ariana was delighted to have been awarded a Merit in her Grade 2.