For Peter. This parent says…

Peter is an excellent teacher who helps Erik throughout and motivates his progress, both with new songs, showing interest when Erik tries to compose his own music and note take, and also to progress in his music theory. We covered the 1st book in no time, and during lockdown.  He made special effort to make the Skype meetings as seamless as possible.  We now have tuition at home, which is a very positive experience for Erik.

Peter uses very engaging and fun games for rhythmical exercises. Erik is very happy with those and always looks forward to music games!  He is also very good at understanding when Erik is tired after school, or when he can be pushed a bit, to make it better. He has managed to gain Erik’s respect as a teacher.

Peter is so friendly, polite and has a very professional attitude.  Erik loves him, he is motivated to practice his piano in preparation for his lessons, and even has been influenced positively to try out his own voice to sing!  Peter is a wonderful instructor, with great rapport with small children, very professional and polite. I have recommended him to other parents who are considering piano lessons for their children in Erik’s class.