For Nicky. Jo says…

I couldn’t be happier with Nicky.  I’m delighted with how I’m progressing and the progress creates a virtuous circle – I can see the improvement in every aspect of my playing, so I practice more.

Nicky is completely reliable, and the lessons are very convenient. She gives me the freedom to choose pieces that inspire me. She is conscientious and thoughtful – brings me exercises/pieces based on discussions we’ve had, and on areas where I need to improve.  I think we have a great relationship: whereas I’m a worrier, she is relaxed and completely ‘gets’ the type of learner I am: she pushes me exactly the right amount and gives spot-on advice.

I absolutely cannot fault Nicky (and by association SCMT) and am so glad you matched us up!   Now I just need to work on my performance nerves and my dreadful theory knowledge!