For Monte. This student says…

I am a grandmother of nine Grandchildren,and therefore an OAP.  In my earlier years in the States, I had years of piano lessons under a teacher of the Classical tradition.  Sometimes she got very angry with me. But, nevertheless,I became her star pupil when I was 16.

When I got married and came to live in this country, piano playing became less and less of a priority. Hence, when I finally found Mojca (pictured) two years ago, I had slipped back from being at least Grade 8 to Grade 3 or 4. Mojca has been wonderful in her approach. She has been very patient, kind and caring. Her enthusiasm and love of the piano  is totally infectious. She has shown imagination in her choice of what to give me to play.

I think I have advanced a little and gained a bit more confidence even with arthritic fingers. She has helped me to enjoy  working on a piece until I feel I have progressed enough to start something new.  I will always be grateful to have found Mojca,and would highly recommend her as a teacher for any age group.