For Liz. Melanie says…

Liz R teaches me piano and has been for over a year now. She is a really good teacher and we get along really well. Since she has been teaching me I have learnt many piano techniques and built up on my musical theory knowledge. She has also helped me with composition and I am a lot better at sight reading and scales than I used to be. She is always really happy and smiling whenever she turns up to teach me and is always really nice.

I used to have lessons at school, but they were always quite short and we didn’t really get much done. However, since Liz has been teaching me lessons have been a lot longer and I have learnt more in a shorter space of time. I find that I practice more frequently than I used to; mainly because I get to choose what pieces I get to learn, meaning I am more quick to learn them because I actually want to learn the piece. Also, I enjoy learning and playing piano.