For Anthony. This parent says…

My son Jake (7) has been having piano lessons with Anthony for a few months now.

Jake was diagnosed with autism this summer and as parents we struggle to get him to take part in many things that ‘normal’ children do. We thought 1:1 music lessons might give a focus and passion that was all his and not related to school/friends or his very sporty brother. Anthony has been great with him. Jake loves monkeys and as soon as we met Anthony and he did a monkey face for Jake we were all sold!

Jake looks forward to the lessons, doesn’t make any fuss about having to drop everything on a Saturday morning to have a lesson and most importantly will practise at various times through-out the week without any prompting. I cannot tell you how refreshing it is not to have to force him to do something after a long week at school. Anthony is relaxed with him and gives Jake the time to be distracted/chat if needs be – he is very understanding. I’m sure he’s great with all children but he’s really hit the mark with Jake and we are grateful for that.

We can see Jake is progressing but for us, it was never about that – we don’t care if he ever does exams – we just want him to do something he enjoys and in his chaotic world, do something that gives him a real boost. It’s all great so many thanks for making it happen!’