For Adrian. This student says…

Adrian is friendly, polite and very professional.  He has an Holistic approach to teaching, which I find very helpful. Before I start my lesson I am made to feel comfortable sitting at the piano. The whole approach to teaching is relaxed and comfortable. This is excellent for me as I have arthritis.

Adrian’s teaching is inspired and engaging. When I am playing the piano, at times he will also sing along, which helps me learn the speed of the piece. We have a good rapport, he explains what we are doing and why.

The teaching is thorough and I feel I’m understanding each new piece I learn. Adrian helps me, with patience and understanding.  We do not rush my learning, this is good. My practice at home is coming on well because, whatever I am learning, be it scales or a classical piece, I play over and over, this reinforces my learning.

I am so very happy with Adrian as my piano teacher.