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Guitar Lessons

SCMT Music Tuition offers guitar lessons to children from the age of 7. It often surprises people to learn that the guitar is fairly hard to master, especially for little fingers, which is why we don’t introduce them too early. It takes a lot of patience from the pupil and teacher alike, but is one of our most popular and rewarding instruments because of it’s close relationship with the popular music industry.

All of our guitar teachers are very different which means we can hand-pick the person best suited to your child. We know that the rapport between a teacher and pupil is key to both kick-starting a child’s engagement with the guitar and ensuring they never lose their enthusiasm to learn and progress.
Guitar Lessons last for 30 minutes or 45 minutes depending on your child’s age and ability. Variety is key to enjoyment so music theory, flash cards, scales, duets, music listening, aural skills and composition are incorporated where relevant. A commitment to maximising your child’s potential alongside engaging teaching methods will result in your child appreciating, understanding and most of all, enjoying their guitar lessons. https://www.cassam.co.uk/music-teachers/

Guitar is the only instrument we offer in small groups as well as 1 on 1. This is because frequently families want to learn together or friends want to get started as a mini-band. In any case, it makes the learning process really fun and engaging. Guitar lessons are available in school too.

We have options for classical, acoustic and electric guitar lessons. We’ve also recently been actively recruiting more lady teachers. This has really opened up more enquiries from young girls who perhaps feel more comfortable with a female teacher showing them the ropes.

Guitar lessons often sway towards the Rock School or Trinity exam syllabuses  https://www.trinityrock.com As with all of our instruments, exams are not essential but can often add a welcome incentive to improve and practise more. Many of our guitar teachers studied for their music degrees at BIMM so they all have a huge amount of professional performance experience, meaning that aside from helping your child in the technical side of learning, they can prepare and encourage them to perform in public too. Everyone’s a winner…

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