Drum Lessons

Drum lessons are becoming more and more popular as an instrument for young children In fact, most children we meet would love to learn!… and it’s often the kit required (and sometimes the noise!) that stops the parent in their tracks when it comes to taking on the commitment. Here at SCMT, we can help you get set up and you don’t even need a kit at home to get started. Once you do invest, we have so much advice for all budgets, individual circumstances and noise reduction.

There is no perfect age for a child to begin drum lessons. The most important thing (for both parents and teachers) is to manage expectations based on the child’s age and skill set. For instance, does your child have enough strength and coordination to hold drum sticks?

If the student is strong enough to hold a pair of sticks, it’s still important to manage expectations regarding their physical ability.  It’s generally much harder for young students to manage drum lessons, however learning proper stick technique habits at a young age can pay huge dividends as the student develops more strength and fine motor skills.

All of our drum lessons are 1-1. The first lesson, as with all our instruments, is free. This gives you and your child a brilliant opportunity to decide if the drums are for you… and if you’re ready to commit to getting started.

Need some drum-spiration? Scroll past the contact form to see an incredible drum solo!

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