Learn an Instrument

Featured below are some of the instruments we provide music lessons for.  If you are a beginner and don’t yet have an instrument to take to your music lessons, contact us direct and we’ll advise regarding hire or purchase.  Our good friends and sponsors at Ackerman Music are experts and we can liaise with them regarding your exact requirements –  We can also advise on 2nd hand instruments – their suitability, quality and value.  If you have an instrument already then you’re ready to go!

Perhaps you’ve not decided yet which instrument you’d like to learn.  We can help you decide, simply call for a no obligation chat.  We’ll advise regarding the suitability of all the instruments we provide lessons for – their complexity, sound, style and general appeal.


Woodwind and brass instruments are taught using a classical, jazz or pop syllabus…  or if you like, a mixture of styles!  Individual or group training is available with the option of ABRSM Music Medals exams (small group/ensemble assessment).  Woodwind is our quietest area of learning aside from drums… but has some of our most skilled teachers.  This is especially helpful if you are a beginner, starting from scratch and needing extra help and guidance.












Stringed instruments are taught from beginners level, mostly to children aged 7 years and upwards.  Individual and small group training is available, with emphasis placed on technique and understanding of the instrument before getting to grips with the repertoire. There is an emphasis on classical styles within most of our tutor’s lesson structures, with ABRSM exams being the usual pathway… but folk music, rock and other alternative styles are also encouraged, with many of our tutors very active within the local music scene, in bands.






Taught by experienced singers and vocal coaches, these 1 on 1 sessions instill self-confidence and boost self-esteem.  We have a very very diverse group of singing teachers who specialise in opera, classical, folk, pop, jazz, musical theatre and alternative styles.  Mainly focusing on ‘Stage’ performance, children are taught the skills essential to an engaging and powerful vocal display.  Everyone’s needs are different and we find that singers especially are very specific about the type of teacher they require.  We’ll always put you in touch over the phone for a chat before you book your free lesson.




We have around 30 piano teachers and it is by far our most popular instrument!  The teachers are all very different which means we can hand pick the person we feel would suit you or your child best.  Piano lessons can incorporate virtually any style or genre, depending on your aspirations and ability.  ABRSM and Trinity exams are available but not essential to progression. Children are encouraged to compose their own music, record performances and play their pieces in our regular concerts where we always have a grand piano to make it extra special.




SCMT provides classical, acoustic, electric and bass guitar lessons.  You can follow an exam syllabus or take the lessons in any direction you choose, based on your musical tastes.  You can learn by ear or from score/tab.  We use ABRSM for classical exams if you should wish to progress that way, but Trinity College and Rock School we find offers more of what our pupils aspire to achieve.  Lots of our guitar teachers are very active performers in the Brighton area and further afield, so there are many opportunities to see them play and be inspired.




New for 2016!  We have 2 new teachers with very different styles starting in September.  They can’t wait to get started and we are so excited to be able to offer these lessons for the first time.  More information to follow…