Sam – piano and violin teacher

Sam is an enthusiastic piano and violin teacher in Bath, with a passion for sharing his gifts with the next generation of musicians. As well as being a dedicated and encouraging teacher, Sam enjoys writing and composing some of his own songs and pieces.

Sam grew up in a family of five musicians, having taken inspiration from his mother to play the violin at age 5. In his teenage years he was part of various music groups including the Essex youth orchestra and the Essex youth jazz orchestra, as well as leading his school orchestra and being part of chamber string ensembles. He has also had the opportunity to perform in a variety of festivals and countries around Europe including winning the string category of a local competition and playing at the Lisbon music festival in 2017.

As part of his music education he was part of the school music academy which allowed him to have masterclasses from violinists such as Callum Smart (BBC young musician category winner 2010), and Benjamin Baker. In 2016, Sam went to Bath Spa University to further his music education and develop more as a musician. The highlights of his years there were being part of two opera productions featuring Mozart’s Magic Flute and Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas, and leading the orchestra in his final year. As part of his university degree, Sam also received some specialist lecturing and teaching on becoming a peripatetic tutor.

Whatever you want to do and whatever you want to play, Sam is able to tailor the lessons to fit your purpose, whether you are wanting to achieve grades or play for pleasure. He also has an emphasis on making learning fun and enjoyable for those he teaches. Sam firmly believes that a musical education not only teaches you how to play an instrument, but also teaches many other skills that are useful for everyday learning and life. Skills such as mental and physical discipline, fine motor coordination, team work, and creativity.

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