Tina – singing teacher

Tina is a singing teacher based in Brighton. She has many years experience as a peripatetic tutor of singing and guitar and as a fully qualified classroom music teacher. She has worked in a variety of schools and currently teaches at Sylvia Young Theatre School in London’s West End. As a professional singer she has extensive touring experience in the UK and Europe working with numerous well-known “names”.

Tina’s professional experience enables her to communicate her passion for the subject to students in an engaging and effective manner. She has composed many original songs and has helped students develop their own musical ideas. Tina really enjoys sharing her wealth of live experience, in addition to her theoretical knowledge with her pupils. She believes music really does make a huge difference to the quality of our lives by giving us the chance to develop emotional intelligence and social skills.

We're offering online music lessons to tackle COVID-19

Perhaps you’ve never considered the option of online learning for your child, but in these months of uncertainty, virtual lessons are the perfect solution in the short term.  Your child will be excited, engaged and inspired to keep learning.  We’ll tailor your lessons to your needs and can be flexible with your arrangements.  Get in touch today!